Our Edges

As a well-known brand enterprise in the field of food equipment in China, Chenpin Food Machinery knows that it shoulders deeper social responsibilities and industry missions; it proposes that the company must uphold the following three basic commitments and self-requirements from outside to inside, and Thorough practice:

1. Comply with national laws and implement national standards

Fully cooperate with the various laws and policies promulgated by the country, and strictly abide by the law to ensure the normal and orderly long-term development of the enterprise, and reduce unnecessary obstacles and risks in operation

2. Abide by industry ethics and standardize business behavior

Strictly require compliance with various business ethics and regulations in the industry, including business confidentiality, non-malignant competition and attacks, establishing a good corporate image and industry model, and establishing long-term trust and identity of customers

3. Strengthen process monitoring and ensure quality and safety

The personnel are implemented in an orderly manner in accordance with the company's internal operating specifications, and the cadres implement various supervision, review and guidance, and make adjustments and improvements at any time to ensure the safety of the operating environment and product quality, and fulfill corporate responsibilities and commitments

Since the establishment of Chenpin Machinery, all operations have always adhered to three principles:

1. Quality excellence

For all the equipment and products manufactured by the company, quality must be the first consideration. Colleagues at all levels are required to be familiar and proficient, and encourage to actively explore any possibilities for improvement in the production and management process, and discuss and research together. Plan concrete and feasible improvement plans, continue to pursue better, and provide customers with more suitable and more satisfactory equipment products.

2. Research and development, innovation and change

The marketing team keeps abreast of consumer trends and market information related to food and equipment around the world, and cooperates with the R&D technical team to discuss in real time, study the possibility and timing of new equipment development, and continuously introduce new models and equipment that meet the needs of market trends.

3. Perfect service

For new customers, we will make every effort to provide detailed equipment information and market analysis suggestions, and patiently guide the selection of the most appropriate and most affordable equipment models; for old customers, in addition to providing a full range of information, we must also provide full assistance Various technical support for the normal operation and maintenance of its existing equipment to achieve a better production state.

Active efforts, perseverance, continuous improvement, and excellent upgrades allow the company's operations to maintain the innovation momentum, and finally achieve the corporate mission and goal of helping customers create profits and achieving shared goals.